8th Grade Portraits. Moments Before Real Life!

There really isn’t a more sensitive, scary or strange time for kids and probably parents of those leaving 8th grade and entering the world of high school! That’s probably the reason I’m so drawn to shooting this group of kids… no, teens… wait, pre-adults…hmmmm… “them.”

Say hello to high school, say goodbye to baby fat and Pottery Barn lunch boxes and matching backpacks.  Here’s where all those “love and logic” years of “bummer, I’m sure you’ll find a solution for that” comes to a head. We’re all praying we did enough and everything works out for the best! Good luck kids!

Getting Ready for the First Day of Forever

Just starting on this gorgeous wedding with two beautiful, kind, loving and fun people who love their God and their family and friends with all they know and have.  Here are the first few moments we spent with the woman of his dreams.

Spring Talent Search Winner Revealed!

So we held a talent search for our local Northern CA casting company, AE Casting, and the winner and runner-up has been selected!! According to Lori, owner at AE Casting, it was NOT an easy choice and we had to beg her to make a decision. With much prodding, she revealed that if her team HAD to pick a winner based on personality and presence in the images, the winner is……… MORGAN!! Her spunky personality in front of the camera came through like a pro! Congratulations, Morgan, you will be added to the AE Casting database for local print work and acting work across Northern CA and we’ll cover your first year and upload the images of your Mom’s choice!

While everyone apparently rocked AE’s world, when pressed for a 1st runner up, the one chosen was ELISE! Your smile and personality grabbed their attention and got you well deserved recognition! Congratulations!

As a final note, the team at AE says they’d love to have each and every one of you so keep working on bringing out that personality and we’ll keep you posted on work that comes up in the future!!



Little Dancers: Center Stage Dance Academy

This week and next week are busy for dancers all over the US of A.  It’s recital season! Included in this excitement are those who attend Center Stage Dance Academy in El Dorado Hills, CA.  As these little ones prepare for their grand show, we got the honor of capturing them in their beautiful costumes, complete with adorable hair and makeup. Here are a few of the little ones we captured today; we’re sure they’ll make you smile! Break a leg, girls!

Generation Portrait Session

These little ones have an incredible Grandma who flies in from Hawaii to fly with them BACK to the islands with her for the summer. This year we had the honor of capturing them together before they left for the summer. While we typically shoot all casual and understated types of images, these “Sunday best” outfits worked great for this group!

T w i t t e r
F a c e b o o k
L i n k s